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Date Service Rating Customer Review
2/15/2017 Hotel Booking
Great experience. Easy and convenience.
2/14/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was fine except you don't tell the customer what seats s/he will have for the performance. You say we will get the best seats available at the time the reservation was made so.....why not tell us? Makes one wonder if you are reserving the right to "substitute" for another "best seat" if you get a block order or VIP order. Not at all pleased with the secrecy.
2/7/2017 Ticket Purchase
I did not receive an email with my ticket and receipt this time, but I printed them off the website when I ordered. Otherwise, I have used this site often and am very happy with the service. I like ordering tickets in advance of my arrival in Myrtle Beach.
2/1/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Reserve direct has great prices for attractions, shows, and hotels. I had such a great deal on my purchase, it felt like a steal.
1/25/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was very easy to complete the purchase and I could easily see the time and date for the specific event I was purchasing.
1/25/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was given to us as a Christmas gift.
1/10/2017 Ticket Purchase
The shows were great, and seats for 2 of the shows were the best. However, had I known that the free child's ticket for the 3rd show along with the premium ticket I purchased would put me in the back corner against a booth wall, I would have opted for the full price ticket. Wish you had stated that seat was not a premium seat.seat.
12/29/2016 Ticket Purchase
Got the shows I wanted
12/28/2016 Ticket Purchase
no problems
12/28/2016 Ticket Purchase
went smoothy
12/21/2016 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
The person that I spoke to was very pleasant nice very helpful and got me what I needed at a great price I'm very satisfied with the service thank you
Reserve Myrtle Beach Response: Thanks for such great feedback! We will certainly relay this feedback our Customer Service Agent, Evan. We hope you enjoy your trip and look forward to assisting you with vacation planning in the near future!
12/21/2016 Ticket Purchase
Do not like not being able to cancel.
Reserve Myrtle Beach Response: Thank you for your feedback. We do apologize for any dissatisfaction with the cancellation policy. The cancellation policy is actually a policy set up from the venue itself. The cancellation policy is stated on the site prior to purchase, again once the item is placed in the shopping cart, and then once again during purchase. We do apologize for any confusion or dissatisfaction regarding the cancellation policy.
12/15/2016 Ticket Purchase
Very simple process to choose area, decide what would work best for us, purchase, print tickets. Appreciated information on places to overnight close to theater.
12/15/2016 Ticket Purchase
Helpful phone associates. Knowledgeable about venues.
Reserve Myrtle Beach Response: Thank you for such great feedback! We hope you enjoy your time in Myrtle Beach and look forward to assisting you in the future.
12/15/2016 Ticket Purchase
My phone conversations with customer service were most helpful. Thanks!
12/9/2016 Hotel Booking
The purchasing experience was great. The site was easy to use and I also like the refund policy. I'm very much looking forward to the trip!
12/8/2016 Ticket Purchase
It was very easy to purchase Christmas show tickets from Reserve Myrtle Beach. We are scheduled to see the show Friday before Christmas.
12/7/2016 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Convenient and quick.
12/7/2016 Ticket Purchase
Excellent service....better than most...
12/2/2016 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Great price and no extra sales pressures

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