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Carowinds Tickets in Charlotte, NC

14523 Carowinds BlvdCharlotte, NC 28273
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Located near Interstate 77 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Carowinds offers an exciting entertainment destination for guests of all ages, and includes world-class thrill rides, live shows, authentic Carolina cuisine, and more. Guests can experience rides like Fury 325 (the tallest and fastest giga coaster), visit the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit, make a splash at the Carolina Harbor water park, and more.

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Charlotte Travel Experts
  • Strollers and wheelchairs available for rent.
  • Selfie sticks are permitted in the park but are prohibited on rides.
  • No outside food and beverage is allowed into the park.
  • Locker rentals are available throughout the park.
  • Height and weight restrictions posted around the park.


from Carowinds
Grab your friends and family and come to Carowinds – the Carolina's ultimate destination for summertime fun! Carowinds offers two parks for the price of one – including Carolina Harbor Waterpark!

Carowinds is the place where the Carolinas come together. Located off I-77 (Exit 90) at the NC/SC border, the premier entertainment destination of the Carolinas touts world-class thrill rides, live entertainment, authentic Carolina cuisine and more.

Feel the sting of Fury 325, the world’s tallest and fastest Giga coaster. Winner of the 2015 Golden Ticket Award for “Best New Ride” by the readers of Amusement Today, this steel behemoth reaches heights of 325 feet tall and breathtaking speeds of 95 miles per hour - it’s full throttle all the way. In 2016, Carowinds has a world full of incredible new experiences, making for one epic season.

The all-new Carolina Harbor waterpark celebrates the culture of the Carolina coast while serving up a gracious helping of hospitality, relaxation and family fun – all intertwined to create the ultimate waterpark experience. This historic expansion includes new attractions and amenities for all members of the family – from mild to wild! Plus, it’s included with admission. The water park is open select dates from May 20th - September 10th (excluding May 26th & September 1st).

Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 3Z Arena is the world’s first intra-active 3-D digital experience. Guests are immersed in the Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2 universe and compete in an epic battle to find the Golden Gnomes.

And Cirque Imagine, an amazing, new live show debuting in the summer will completely mesmerize guests with sensational stunts and breathtaking acrobatics of strength, balance and athleticism.

New for 2017! Get ready for a blast from the past with FOUR new rides in the all-new County Fair! Experience a throwback of down-home fun as you and your family are transported back to a 1950’s Carolina County Fair, complete with new food offerings, thrilling experiences and an atmosphere full of family fun.

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Nicholas B
"Family fun day"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed September 25, 2017 NEW
We all had a great time. The lines seem to move pretty quickly they would definitely have clean Park and it was a pretty good day
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TripAdvisor user image
"Worse than a county fair"
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed September 25, 2017 NEW
I bought season passes last year during the Scarowinds event. I've been quite a few times this year and each time has been more disappointing than the last. The most recent visit was during Scarowinds weekend of 09/25. Apparently they had a special concert before the opening of Scarowinds but they did not close the park down in between the events, therefore it was extremely overcrowded. We were only able to enjoy 3 of the scare houses and had to wait 30 minutes to an hour to enter each one. There were hardly any actors in the scare zones throughout the park and the ones that were there were not very involved in their roles. No one in the park was friendly from the actors to the ride workers to the restaurant staff, and most of them had no clue what they were doing or what was going on. Not to mention the unruly teenagers running around the park! The restaurants didn't have any food prepared even though they had been open all day. We had to ask for our cups even though we clearly ordered drinks. We waited over 30 minutes for overpriced food. The bucket (cup) of fries was $10 and the order of 3 small chicken tenders was $10. With a large drink my ticket was over $23 and that was with the discount. At Disney I can pay less than or right at $20 for two entrees and a drink, but for some reason people think Disney is pricey! Not to mention the chicken tenders were cold even though they just came out of the fryer! When we left at closing there were so many people it took us over an hour to get out of the park. One would think that if people are parking their vehicles on the side of the road and in the grass that the parking is overflowed which means there are too many people in the park! They didn't have any security directing traffic nor a clear traffic pattern. Clearly the persons running Carowinds don't care about the customer experience nor safety. We will keep our money and our memories at Disney and Universal from now on. It might be further but it's worth the drive.
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TripAdvisor user image
aomalle O
Naperville, Illinois
"It's all about WHEN you visit"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed September 24, 2017 NEW
I lucked out on my initial visit to Cedar Fair's southern outpost. I chose the weekend before Laborday; after having read that kids would be back in school, and weather wouldn't be as warm. I purchased a fast lane pass for $65 dollars; and it was well worth the investment. Lines weren't bad (30 minute wait for Fury 325 and Intimidator, around 15 minutes for the rest). Being a CF Platinum passholder, parking and entry were "free", *note, if you plan on going to more than two Cedar Fair parks, I hit up 6 this year, buy a Cedar Fair platinum pass in the Fall, you'll get free entry and parking to all Cedar Fair properties. If you only plan on going to one or two parks; just buy season passes, ie Buying both a Cedar Point and Kings Island season pass will be cheaper than 1 platinum pass (if you only visit CP and KI) while still affording you free parking. If you expect a trip to a thrd park? Go with Platinum Pass instead. I parked at the South entrance by Afterburn, near the water park; lines to get in the park were noticeably shorter than those located at the main gate by Intimidator. Hitting the South gate entrance lets you knock a couple coasters off the list before venturing over to the big 2. I suggest Afterburn, right there, walking south to followed by the flying cobras, carolina goldrusher, Vortex and Nighthawk which are all grouped together. To cool off, jump on the rip roarin rapids, then ride Riccochet (mouse ride) carolina cyclone and hurler. Both coasters having NO LINE during the noon hour. Its a forgotten corner of the park, per my talks with a couple of locals. You can then tackle Fury 325 (expect big lines during peak days during the Summer) and then Intimidator, which I found a more enjoyable experience than Fury. You HAVE to ride Fury at night though; the neon green lift hill, combined with the bright green neon tunnel is worth the price of admission. With the Fast Lane; I was able to ride everything multiple times throughout the day (but it mostly paid for my quick entry to Fury and Intimidator, as I stated before the lines weren't bad). I ate lunch at Chickie and Pete's; LONG line and overpriced, also grabbed a lemon ice from Rita's, prices were about $2 more than you'd find outside the park (not bad, and Rita's was refreshed ng to deal with the Summer sun). Great Park, lots of coasters.
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TripAdvisor user image
Johnson City, Tennessee
"Rides ok but food and service has went downhill"
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed September 24, 2017 NEW
Average visit 2-3 times a year. Was there in June and everything was much better. Today we ate chick and petes and worst experience ever. We waited in line 15 minutes to order which was not bad and bought two beers 2 fries and chick tenders. The bill was 47 bucks. We then went to drink section and the lady did not aknowledge my drink order when i showed my ticket and just told me that i can refill my $30.00 soda bottle even though i purchased 2 beers. after going through the line with no beers i went back and waited just to be told they have no budlight or miller light even though i had already bought. Then our food order took over 1hr and 30 min and this is not overreaction as the order time is on the ticket. They had one kid (Terrell) running every order with several cooks in the back. There were over 30 customers with the same problem even though peolpe that just ordered were getting food within ten min. again it was only 2 fries and chicken tenders ( 3 small ones for 10 bucks) The manager would come out now and then but had an attitude like it was our fault. kept saying chicken tenders will take 5 min but what about last hr and 20 min. While we were waiting the guy that was dressed as a chef walked out to take a break while people are waiting on friends. My buddy ordered a cheese pizza and after 2 hrs we cxl it and got the refund. There are only 6 items on the menu so not sure how you can mess this up. The staff at the rides were pretty rude. never had this issue in past but really bad. We are season pass holder but i reccomend a new park for traverlers for future. this place does not care. The worst part of food is that friends payed over 40 buck for tickets each and the park was open for only 7 hrs which would be fine if total food time wasnt 2 1/2 hrs . Managers should have tried to fix the situation or offer some compensation rather than yell at the guest stating it was a busy day and all outlets were bad. which after meeting with other friends this was not true. Chic fil a had a huge line but they were served and eating within 25 min This review will mean nothing to them as you can tell they do not care of the customers anymore. My son waited 20 min to get his height checked and was over by 2 inches and received his wristband only to get harassed with attitude by staff at each ride. The lady working the intimidater argued with my wife about the bracelet saying it did not matter because she said when and who to check. Then on the same ride the staff really screwed up and did not check seat belts on the front half of ride. 2 guest yelled that they have not check and my friend notice his seatbelt was very loose as it was taking off. Now after it was over we are laughing at how scared he was but really poor on the staff. Last complaint was the kiddie rides. The lines were not bad for the most part maybe 5-10 min wait but the loading and unloading is the worst i have every see. The kids spent 10-15 min on most rides sitting there while kids working barely move and just talk. Again i have been here over 25 times and you can tell they do not care and will not care.
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TripAdvisor user image
Wake Forest, North Carolina
"Long lines for rides that were operational"
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed September 23, 2017 NEW
We decided to visit on a Saturday during their off season (late September). Besides it being extremely crowded and a very hot day, we found it frustrating to wait in a line for as much as an hour only to be told a ride was down. This happened 3 times in less than 4 hours time. We also found that many of the food/beverage places were shut down so the day long drink container we purchased we were only able to refill once and again stood in long lines for that. Be prepared to spend money for food, burger/fries will cost you about $15 with no drink. Many of the restaurants were also out of the popular brands of soda (Coke, Sprite, etc). First time I had been in years but won't be back. For more fun, better facilities, more offerings, make the trip to Busch Gardens/Williamsburg. It is a much nicer, better laid out amusement park.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Carowinds

Do you offer a non-rider admission ticket?
Carowinds does not offer a non-rider discount. Carowinds has a one-price admission as it is a multi-faceted park, not just a ride park. Live entertainment abounds at the park with fun-filled shows and performers. The park also offers a variety of gift shops, restaurants, a water park that is included with park admission and much more.

What is your refund policy?
Admission tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for any reason after the cancellation policy, which is 3 days prior to arrival. This includes weather related events. We do not issue rain checks. Please check local weather conditions prior to planning your visit.

What if my child is under 3 years old?
They are free!

Is the Fast Lane tickets included with my general admission?
No, this is an additional cost and not included with your admission ticket.

What is the inclement weather policy?
Rides may close under certain weather conditions, particularly rain, high winds and/or lightning. It is not possible to provide a specific answer regarding which rides close or remain open because varying degrees of inclement weather cause different effects on different rides. The rides affected the most by inclement weather are the roller coasters and the high rides. Carowinds makes every effort to reopen the rides as quickly and safely as possible after the adverse weather conditions cease. Unfortunately, we do not offer rain checks or refunds.

Am I permitted to bring my own food and beverages into the park?
For everyone's safety, guests are not permitted to bring coolers, outside food, or other drinks into Carowinds. Grilling in parking lots is also prohibited. More than 30 restaurants and snack stands provide a broad dining experience within the park. Individuals who have special diets or need items due to a medical condition are asked to visit Guest Services located at the Front Gate for accommodation.

How do I re-enter if I have to leave the park for some reason?
Guests who leave the park and plan to return the same day must get their hand stamped before they leave the park at the exit gate.

Are wheelchairs and strollers available for rent?
Strollers and wheelchair rentals are located inside of the South Gate Entrance and next to Guest Services at the North Gate Entrance. Please note, a valid form of identification must be presented to rent a manual or electric wheelchair for a fee.

Do you allow pets at Carowinds?
No pets are allowed in the park except for service animals. Guests traveling with pets may take advantage of the Pet Kennel at Carowinds.

Is smoking permitted in the park?
Smoking, including the use of vapor/e-cigarettes, is permitted only in designated smoking areas. Most smoking locations are near restrooms and will be marked by red signs and smoking urns. All other areas of the park are smoke-free.

Are there places in the park to store my belongings?
Lockers are available to rent inside the park. Rentals vary in size and start at $17. Prices differ among locker locations.

What is Dinosaurs Alive!?
Dinosaurs Alive! at Carowinds features 30 life-sized, moving dinosaurs in a spectacular lush setting.  Dinosaurs Alive is not included with park admission. A separate admission is required.

How much is parking?
Parking is $15 per vehicle for regular parking and $25 for preferred. A limited number of handicap parking spaces are available near the Front Gate on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is Carowinds' dress code?
Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times. Swimwear must be sufficiently covered. Profanity, obscene gestures and statements, pictures of illegal substances, insignia of paramilitary groups, all gang-related items on clothing, costumes or disguises that conceal identity are prohibited and admission to the park may be refused.

Is there anything I should bring?
Carolina Harbor Waterpark is included FREE with park admission to Carowinds(seasonal). Don't forget to bring appropriate swimwear.